South Sydney Anglican Church

Sunday Church Services

10am – Church Service

1:30pm – 文华教会 Mandarin Church

Sunday Church Service

Walking into church for the first time can be a daunting experience. So feel free to check us out online before you come. We Live-Stream our 10am church service each Sunday, But here’s a run-down of what we do and what you can expect.

Mission & Purpose

  1. A person will greet you at the door and direct you to a seat
  2. Church starts with a few songs. You can join the singing or just listen. The words will be on large TV screens.
  3. We read a bible passage. There are Bibles at church and you will be told the page number. The passage will also be on the TV screen so you can follow the reading.
  4. We sing a children’s song and children (infants/primary) go to Sunday School.
  5. The pastor explains the meaning and Christian application of the Bible passage.
  6. A person leads the church in prayer. Sometimes we finish with Lord’s prayer.
  7. We share the Lord’s Supper together on the first Sunday of each month
  8. The church service ends with another song. Total time about 1hr and 15 minutes.

The church provides coffee, tea and biscuits after the service. You will be invited to stay for morning tea. If you would like to find out more please fill in a general enquiry. 

Children’s Ministry

Our children stay in the church for the first 15 minutes. After the children’s song infants and primary aged children are able to go to a special children’s ministry that is age appropriate. The children are returned to parents at the end of church.

The children learn stories from the Bible about God and usually do some craft. All our teachers and helpers are trained in child protection and have working with children numbers and checks.

Baptise Service

Lord’s Supper

The first Sunday of each month we share the Lords Supper, which is a symbolic meal in remembrance of Jesus’ death and resurrection. We ask that only baptized Christians participate in the Lord’s Supper as it is a declaration of faith in Jesus. If you are not yet a Christian it is possible to observe this part of the church service without any pressure to participate. If you would like to share the Lord’s Supper or would like to be baptized please speak to one of the church staff or fill in a general enquiry.  

Lord's supper