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Topic: Suffering

  • 20 August 2023

    Peter writes his second and last book, before he was martyred. Join us as we explore the sufferings, trials and prophesies of last days, which are incomparable to the glory that awaits the faithful.

  • 11 June 2023

    Peter, finishes this section saying (verse 17) “it is better, if it is God’s will to suffer for doing good, than for doing evil.”
    Now please note the word SUFFER. In a godless secular society – suffering is going to start escalating because evil always brings suffering. What’s more, godless secular authority is also going to start demanding we accept evil or suffer the consequences. So suffering is inevitable in the context of evil. You need to come to terms with that real fast. Suffering is going to be unavoidable.
    So in such contexts (Peter says) if you have to choose your poison – it is better to suffer for doing good. FIRST, suffering for good is noble. It is Christlike and there is no shame in it. But it is also better to suffer doing good because God may yet use us to restrain evil. I’m sure you all know the famous quote; “all it takes for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing.” So do good.

  • 30 April 2023

    The cross was the most despicable image in the days of the Romans. It was a symbol of suffering, shame, nihilistic despair and total brokenness and even now God has turned that same object into the best known symbol in the world today, worn on buildings across the world and around the necks of people everywhere as an object of beauty, faith, hope and love. And the cross is our story as Christians. God is taking the shameful, pathetic, despised things of this world and making them truly glorious. So we don’t face difficulty and suffering with despair, but with hope. If God could take the worst symbol in the Roman Empire and make it the most glorious symbol in the modern world – imagine what God could do with you?