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Topic: Precious

  • 20 August 2023

    Peter writes his second and last book, before he was martyred. Join us as we explore the sufferings, trials and prophesies of last days, which are incomparable to the glory that awaits the faithful.

  • 13 August 2023

    Oh well, if I stumble and fall over, I’ll just pick myself up, wipe myself off and get back on the path to heaven.” But how badly, can a lazy Christian stumble and fall? This is A LIVE QUESTION in 1 Peter. Could a lazy, carnal Christian stumble and fall so badly – that they lose their salvation?

    Many years ago the Johnson family did a famous hike in Glacier National Park in Montana. (Slide 9 & 10). It’s called THE HIGHLINE TRAIL. It goes along a very high cliff edge with truly spectacular views. But there are many places in that hike where stumbling and falling is a death sentence. If you stumble in the wrong place or at the wrong moment – you die. There is no getting back up. There is no dusting yourself off. The key is; “Make sure you do not stumble.”

  • 30 April 2023

    The cross was the most despicable image in the days of the Romans. It was a symbol of suffering, shame, nihilistic despair and total brokenness and even now God has turned that same object into the best known symbol in the world today, worn on buildings across the world and around the necks of people everywhere as an object of beauty, faith, hope and love. And the cross is our story as Christians. God is taking the shameful, pathetic, despised things of this world and making them truly glorious. So we don’t face difficulty and suffering with despair, but with hope. If God could take the worst symbol in the Roman Empire and make it the most glorious symbol in the modern world – imagine what God could do with you?