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Topic: feminism

  • 4 June 2023

    The word “weaker vessel” reminds husbands that women are different to men. So husbands are told to be considerate and use their superpower to serve their wives needs. (Conversely, wives were just told to be considerate of their husbands needs and use their beauty superpower to win their husband’s hearts). Now because of sin in this world (and the changes modern life) – each husband and wife will need to work out what this still looks like today. There will be nuance – but the underlying differences of beauty and strength still exist. And each marriage needs to work out how to recognize and celebrate oner another’s super-power – and harness them for God’s glory. Recognize and celebrate difference.
    But the husband is also reminded that his wife is an heir with him of Gods gracious gift. The word “heir” means co-heir or joint-heir. It implies EQUALITY. The same precious blood of Jesus that saved men also saved women. We are equal in dignity and worth.