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  • 13 August 2023

    Oh well, if I stumble and fall over, I’ll just pick myself up, wipe myself off and get back on the path to heaven.” But how badly, can a lazy Christian stumble and fall? This is A LIVE QUESTION in 1 Peter. Could a lazy, carnal Christian stumble and fall so badly – that they lose their salvation?

    Many years ago the Johnson family did a famous hike in Glacier National Park in Montana. (Slide 9 & 10). It’s called THE HIGHLINE TRAIL. It goes along a very high cliff edge with truly spectacular views. But there are many places in that hike where stumbling and falling is a death sentence. If you stumble in the wrong place or at the wrong moment – you die. There is no getting back up. There is no dusting yourself off. The key is; “Make sure you do not stumble.”

  • 19 February 2023

    Choosing “FAITH in a Faltering World” with references to Matthew 25:31-46, the Parable of the Sheeps and the Goats. The Sheeps depict the destiny of Christians who applied faith through their good deeds by feeding the hungry, giving drink to the thirsty, clothing the naked and attending the sick or in need. But we must remember though that Salvation is NOT because of our good deeds, but SALVATION THROUGH A RELATIONSHIP WITH JESUS – BY FAITH. And Faith must express itself in good deeds.
    Watch this video as our brave preacher Pastor Matthew Johnson explains in detail “Choosing Faith and Salvation with Jesus”.
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