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Series: PRECIOUS - 1 & 2 Peter

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PRECIOUS - 1 & 2 Peter

Sermons in PRECIOUS - 1 & 2 Peter

  • 21 May 2023

    Speaker: Matt Johnson

    As Colin Buchanan sings; we all deserve to die because we all like sheep have gone astray. Bah, Bah, Doo bah Bah. Each of us has turned to his own way. Bah. Bah, Doo. Bah. Bah. But the Lord has laid on Jesus the iniquity of us all. Singing – Bah. Bah. Doo Bah. Bah. Isaiah 53:6. So Jesus does the time for our crime. That’s profoundly unjust. But in this injustice we are saved. If you believe Jesus died for you and you love Jesus for dying for you and you begin to repent of your sins – God will forgive you and He will take you to heaven. ALSO PROFOUNDLY UNJUST – because you deserve to go to hell. But Jesus willing suffered injustice so you could be saved.

  • 18 May 2023

    Speaker: Matt Johnson

    Big Idea:       The Purpose of New Life in Christ is God’s Glory (& our Joy) read more…

  • 14 May 2023

    Speaker: Matt Johnson

    Big Idea:       Christians Pilgrims are singing Precious Royal Priests Intro:               Well morning friends and visitors. read more…

  • 7 May 2023

    Most people picture the Christian God as THE FUN POLICE – who stops you enjoying little bits of naughtiness. They think God is all about rules that make life MISERABLE – until you supposedly get pie in the sky when you die. But that is not true. God is good and those who glorify Him, begin to enjoy Him – now. Those who truly draw near to God (and take up His purposes in the world) actually begin to experience God’s goodness in their life here and now. There is a joy, a meaning and peace that comes to life…

    Isaiah explains that those who take hold of God’s Word which is imperishable, will also become imperishable.