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Series: Jonah - The Reluctant Missionary

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Jonah - The Reluctant Missionary

Sermons in Jonah - The Reluctant Missionary

  • 6 August 2023

    Speaker: Matt Johnson

    Anyway, as Jonah prays he begins to focus on the character of God. In verse 2; Jonah says “I knew that you are a gracious and compassionate God, slow to anger and abounding in love…” Now these are absolutely BEAUTIFUL WORDS. To know God’s grace, compassion, slowness to anger and abounding love (in a personal way) – is to know God as your Heavenly Father. These exact same words occur 7 or 8  times in the Old Testament – and they kind of form GOD’S CURRICULUM VITAE. These words kind of tell us who God is and what He does…

  • 30 July 2023

    Speaker: Matt Johnson

    Each year on the 1st July – Tongans celebrate the coming of Christianity to the islands. It is called ‘the coming of light’ against the ‘po’uli’ (which means darkness). So can the faithful preaching of God’s word bring real change to whole cities and nations? THE ANSWER is yes? God did it, not that long ago, with the islands of Tonga. Such miracles are possible. So today we are going to look at 1) what Jonah does, 2) then how Nineveh responds and 3) then what God decides…

  • 23 July 2023

    Speaker: Matt Johnson

    Jonah realises (through his personal experience of Gods mercy and power) that he has to take the good news; “Salvation comes from the LORD!” to anyone and everyone who is clinging to worthless idols. Those who cling to worthless idols are forfeiting the grace that ONLY God can give. If you do not call out to the true God, the God and Father of the Lord Jesus Christ – you will eventually perish. You will not be saved. IT IS A LIE that everyone ultimately goes to heaven. No! There is the reality of God’s judgment. If people cling to worthless idols – (whether Jews, Gentiles or nice western church goers) and do not turn to the one true God – they will forfeit the grace that could be theirs. ITS NOT AUTOMATIC. People have to trust in Jesus to be saved. People have to cry out to Jesus for salvation. And as people who have tasted and seen that JESUS is good – we should share with others what we know. As CHRISTIANS who have personally experienced Gods love in Jesus – and seen God changing us personally – we need to take this good news to others – even if (like Jonah) we think there is no point.

  • 16 July 2023

    Speaker: Seti Latu

    THE RELUCTANT MISSIONARY – Jonah has been called for a mission in Nineveh 1st Sunday… read more