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c) In the case of science and technology (S&T) acquisitions, the contract agent may include the provision of section 5352.215-9006, the intention to incorporate the contractor`s technical proposal, into section L if clause 5352.215-9005, including the contractor`s technical proposal, is used. Will provide services by appointment only. Visit the website ( to complete a testamentary worksheet. Contact the legal department with the ticket number to be agreed for a will appointment. ii) AFMC`s non-operational “Other Contracts” acquisitions above the SAT and below the thresholds set out in DFARS paragraph (d)(d) 207.203 require some level of planning, and the subcontractor must provide a summary of the Optimized Acquisition Strategy (SASS) using AFFARS IG 5307.104-92 or other optimized procedures (e.g., Use ASP diagrams that meet AP regulatory requirements or use a purchase plan as a step chart). Simplified access points over $5 million must be approved one level above the contract agent. The JA office is divided into military justice and civil law. Military justice deals with criminal cases. Civil law, sometimes referred to as legal counsel, deals with anything that is not criminal, including but not limited to wills, powers of attorney, divorces, and taxes. b) (ii) submit requests for FAR, DFARS, AFFARS and AFMCFARS class deviations through the SCCO to the AFMC/PKP ACSL for processing.

For 377 ABW, the contract Squadron Commander forwards class variance requests to AFMC/PKP HQ for processing. Set up the coordination of the local law firm upon request. (92) The persons empowered to designate contracting entities lay down the procedures for the selection, appointment and termination of contract staff. Where the power to appoint contract staff subject to restricted arrest warrants has been delegated in accordance with AFMCFARS 5301.603-1(90), the SCCO shall establish procedures for the selection, appointment and termination of contract staff subject to a restricted arrest warrant. Airman 1st Class Ricky Jackson, of the Legal Office of 377 Wing at Air Force Base, supports Sergeant Kimberly S. at Kirtland Air Force Base, New Mexico, May 2, 2019. The JA office is divided into military justice and civil law. The military justice part deals with criminal cases, while civil law, sometimes called legal counsel, deals with everything else like wills, powers of attorney, divorces, and taxes. (U.S. Air Force photo by 1st Class Aviator Austin J. Prisbrey) (b) The Contracting Party shall notify in writing the name, address and CAGE code of the new supplier as well as any changes to the description of the item (e.g.part number, name, NSN, etc.) in order to inform the application activity and the competition advocate if the Prime recommends such sources for the preparation of the list of sources for future acquisitions.

(a) MIL-STD-129 (Contract agent completes current number), Standard Practice for Military Marking. (f) The contract agent shall include the provision of section 5352.215-9017, Notice to Potential Suppliers, in Section L for all tenders for competitive spare parts under $5 million. (ii) The full address indicated at the clear MAPAC address will be provided to the Contractor by the relevant transport office when the material is available for shipment. Unique addresses cannot be printed in MAPAC contracts or orders as they are subject to frequent changes. If contracts or orders identify shipping points outside conus, the requesting activity guarantees that the shipping instructions comply with the negotiated delivery conditions. (a) (1) Where a patent rights clause as required by FAR 27.303 is included in a contract, the officer shall complete AFMC Form 476, Supervision of Contractor`s Inventions (available from and forward it to the operational legal department for review and preservation. f) The Contractor agrees to obtain written approval from the Contracting Officer to obtain support at least 90 days prior to the required dates of attendance at each Air Force facility and immediately for any necessary changes. At the request of a contractor, the client must issue a written power of attorney in good time. At the same time, send the support approval to the Administrative Contracting Officer or the Contract Management Office if delegated to the Air Force facility where assistance will be provided. For more information about legal advice and access to legal worksheets, see

The Zone Defense Council can be reached at 505-846-5553. “It`s basically an extension of what we do in the office,” Driggs said. “There is a huge military presence in this city and to help those who have served and to advance our mission, we have turned to the VA.” (a) F.o.b. dot means the United States air port/port of embarkation (APOE/WPOE). The current APOE and WPOE for a specific location are available from the Contractor`s U.S. Contract Administration Office. (91) For 377 ABW, the contract squadron commander is empowered to appoint contract staff with limited arrest warrants without further relegation powers. The Director of afmc headquarters and the Deputy Director of Contracting Authorities retain the power to appoint 377 contract agents of the CONS with unlimited mandates. (a) The procuring entity shall submit a request for exemption for cause to ACS AFMC/PKP. One. Item 1: AFMCFARS 5301.301, Guideline. Subject/Explanation of Changes: This amendment updates AFMCFARS 5301.301 to add a sentence requiring AFMC contract managers to comply with AFMCFARS even when assigning shares to other MAJCOM.

The Contractor shall provide the Packaging Data in accordance with Form DD 2326, Storage and Packaging Data, and/or Form DD 2169, Special Packing Instructions. MIL-STD-2073-1 (Contract Agent Completes Current Number), Standard Practice for Military Packaging, identifies the applicable data elements. DI-PACK-80120 (the customer fills in the current number), the storage and packaging data, and DI-PACK-80121 (the customer fills in the current number), special packing instructions apply. The contract agent may include the clause under Article 5352.235-9001, key positions and minimum qualifications, essentially in written form, in Section I if the decision on the contract is largely based on the qualifications of the principal investigator and/or key members of the research team.